Advertising In Disguise Through Article Marketing

Advertising In Disguise Through Article Marketing


Article marketing is one of the most reliable and advanced internet marketing techniques today.

It’s a long term internet marketing strategy that requires a daily plan and certainly some effort. The misconception that has been spread lately is that you have to be a professional writer in order to write.

That is false and there are many examples of ordinary people writing articles according to their knowledge and personal experience. You do have to follow some principals in order to maximize the effectiveness of your article marketing efforts.


1. Define your Market first.

Do not write about everything, target your niche. This is critical because you can’t provoke the interest of everyone but only a specific group of people will be interested in what you are sharing about. Targeted groups of people are the ones who will increase your web business traffic and finally the sales.


2. Work on your titles or headlines.

Research has proven that internet users only need a fraction of a second, by reading the article title, to decide if they would continue to read the article or not. That means that your article’s title must be attention-grabbing otherwise the reader will skip your article and hence all your article marketing efforts will be in vain.


3. Check your spelling and grammar.

It’s hard to accept but readers are “cruel”. When you make a spelling mistake, they notice it instantly. Do you imagine what their reaction is? Stop reading your article. And you can’t blame them because you would probably do the same thing.

Most of the writing software in the market contain spelling correction features. Use them but do not rely totally on them.

When you finished your article and run the spell checker, leave it for a couple of hours and re-read it again. You will notice the difference.

Another thing you can do is to give your article to another person to cross-check your article, especially if he or she is an avid reader.

4. Articles must have value.

Remember, your articles must not be an advertisement or they will be erased from the article editors immediately. Article directory editors accept hundreds of articles daily and they pick out the blatant advertisement “articles” because they want to offer valuable content to their subscribers.

What you can do is to provide valuable information in your article and focus on the recourse box. There you can describe yourself and your website but you must do it in a masterly manner in order to maximize the clicks of your website’s link in your article’s recourse box.


5. Articles should be straight and up to the point.

Not every reader has the same intellectual capacity. Some of them will not be able to comprehend your technical jargon and idioms you use. Using plain English and being concise is the key to have your article read easily. In that way, you will succeed your advertising in disguise aim and you will have more visits to your website.


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