7 Steps To Branding Any Resell Rights Products For Free

7 Steps To Branding Any Resell Rights Products For Free



As an e-book and software re-seller, you know that when it comes to increased website traffic, viral marketing and resell rights make an EXPLOSIVE combination.

But what if the e-books or software you want to resale or that you have master resell rights to isn’t brandable? Well, never fear! There is a simple and very effective solution. But best of all its free!!!

Follow the 7 simple steps below and you can sell e-books and software on a whole new level!


1. Upload Your Resale Rights Product

First of all, you will need to upload your ebook or software into your “downloads” file in your server. If you don’t have a file that you store your downloads in you can easily make a “downloads” folder in your server with your FTP Client and upload your products there.


2. Making Your Thank You Page

Next, you will want to make a one page “welcome” or “thank you for your order” document on your Microsoft word processor. On this one page document you can include your web site’s logo or the picture of whatever it is your selling that you want your increase in online traffic to go to.

Then you can include the link to your website under the image. I like to say, “This product was brought to you by…” and then have the picture under that and then my link under the picture. Under all of that you will want to type in “To download your product, click here.”


3. Converting Your Thank You Page To PDF

Next, you will want to obtain a free PDF converter to convert your word document into PDF format. PDF995 is a PDF converter that can be used for free or can be purchased. The only disadvantage to the free version is that it takes a couple of minutes to convert the document to PDF.

Now, once installed on your computer, it is very simple to convert your document to PDF. Simply select “PRINT” to print your document. Then instead of printing to your printer, select print to PDF. The file will then automatically convert to a PDF document.


4. Making Your Resell Rights Product Brandable

Now you can obtain pdfedit995 from the same website and use it to activate the links in your “thank you” page. After you print and save your document to PDF as mentioned above, be sure to close it. Next, select “Links” on the PDFedit995 software and install your hyperlinks where appropriate. You will want to put the download link to the actual product they ordered Now close the PDF document after you save it with the new links.

Please note: You must close the newly converted PDF document prior to installing he links, otherwise the links will not install with this software.


5. Make Your Branded Page Secure

This step is very important and will keep anyone from copying or altering your branded thank you page. Download the pdfsignature995software and click on “PDF Rights Management”. Then select :Do not Modify” and then “convert”. What this will do is keep anyone from copying or modifying the page.


6. Upload Your New Branded Thank You Page

This is the page you want your customers to first receive when they download your product that they purchased. So, you need to upload the PDF thank you page to your “downloads” folder. The address or link to that page can now be the one that gets sent to your customer once their purchase is made.


7. How It Works

OK, so here is how it all comes together. Your customer makes the purchase and is then sent the download link. The customer opens the download link and is presented the branded PDF “thank you” page. The first thing they see on the page is your advertisement logo and the link to your website. Under that they see the link to the actual product that they ordered.

When they click on the link to the product that they ordered, they will be prompted to download it directly from your server. What’s even better is that when they download the product from the link, the address or URL to the download doesn’t show up in their browser. Since many e-book re-sellers simply pass on the link to their customers, your viral marketing ad will pass along with it.

Selling e-books and software with viral marketing should always be one of your strongest tools in gaining increased web site traffic and now with these 7 simple steps, it always will be.


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