4 Great Reasons Why You Should Love Unsubscribes

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Love Unsubscribes



Do you actually dread logging into your autoresponder and cringe after seeing that you have lost subscribing members? Then , you are just like most NEW marketers. Is it really a bad thing?
Well, I am here to tell you 3 GREAT reasons why you should LOVE unsubscribes.


1) Are You Wasting Your Time?

The first is that you are actually USING your list. The only way that I have ever seen to not get an unsubscribe is to never send an email. If you are not going to use the list, why go to the time and effort to build it. So, congratulate your self when you get the unsubscribe because you are actually using your list!


2) At Least They Are Opening Up!

The second thing is that, someone is actually opening your email. To unsubscribe, they had to at least open the email and click the ‘Unsubscribe’ link. The good thing is that your headline worked and got them to open your email.

Now if you are using dishonest headlines, (You have won, your account status, and other headlines along those lines) this is not a good thing and you are reaping what you have sown. If you are using a solid headline that matches your email and it gets opened, this is a good thing. Your headline is doing its job.


3) This One Is A SHOCKER.

The third good reason to be glad to get unsubscribes has to do with PERSONALITY. Now here is a shocker (said with sarcasm dripping from the keyboard) Not everyone is going to like you or your writing style. Those that don’t will unsubscribe.

The good thing though is that if they don’t care for your style ,you will never build a RELATIONSHIP with them. If you can’t build a relationship with them, they will most likely never buy from you. So, each unsubscribe will make your list more targeted to people who actually like your style and are more likely to respond favorably to your offers that meet their needs.


4) Weed Your Garden!

Do you realize that unsubscribes can be compared to weeding your garden? In this case, the weeds yank themselves from the ground rather than you doing the work!

Oh, and what is a weed but just an unwanted plant that steals nutrients and sunshine from the plants you actually want to keep? People who don’t want to hear from you will only drag your DELIVERABILITY down by simply not engaging with your email.

Futhermore, if your pricing with your ESP is based on send volume, those disengaged subscribers will be COSTING YOU MONEY. And—as with weeds—you’re better off without them.
So let them go gladly!

Think of it this way: Someone who unsubscribes from your list is essentially helping you with your list hygiene. And it’s a clean, healthy list that’s going to increase your inbox engagement and therefore your deliverability.



So if you have the choice between a list of 10K subscribers who constantly interact with your emails and buy from you, or a list of 100K subscribers who don’t, which one would you prefer to have? If it’s the ROI you’re after and not the ego boost, then trust me…you’ll want the smaller, active list that’s HAPPY with your emails. And unsubscribes can help you get there. So now you have 4 great reasons to no longer dread seeing that people have decided to unsubscribe from your list. Rejoice in the fact that you are actually making your list stronger and more profitable for you in the long term!



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