A Honest LeadsLeap Review

A Honest LeadsLeap Review


Been searching for a honest LeadsLeap review?
Search no further.

Being one of the rare, long-time advertising resources for online marketers which has become better and better over the years, I’ve been a loyal & happy LeadsLeap member for around 2 years and I have continued to gain high quality traffic (Over 16K visitors to my websites and counting) and leads from it.


What is Leads Leap?

It is simply a text link advertising exchange platform for online marketers where you can easily advertise your websites, affiliate programs and links, and most importantly….get REAL visitors.

The good news is, with the upgrade to 2.0, they have introduced a traffic exchange so you can earn credits (clicks) by clicking on and then viewing other members’ ads.

They offer FREE ads (for free members) and Pro ads for Pro members who logically will receive a whole lot more exposure than free member ads.

I am a Pro member myself, so I will need to fork out $27 per month in order to have my ads running on complete hands-off mode.. This is surely not a HUGE price to pay for the peace of mind of having NON-STOP quality and targeted traffic and leads.

Furthermore, the commissions I make each month from my referrals, more than pays for my monthly membership.


Join Leads Leap HERE!



My traffic has definitely GROWN exponentially over the years, because I have been building my downline and my ads are also displayed to those in my downline.





I am receiving about 30 to 60 UNIQUE visitors per day to my advertised websites. My site gets about a 4% sign up rate from cold traffic, so that means about at least 2 NEW AND FRESH leads per day.



Where Are Your Ads Displayed?

1) On the Leads Leap blog,

2) Inside the Member’s Area (sidebar),

3) Inside the Newsletter Emails to the members,

4) On the LeadsLeap Widget which is placed on more than 4000 websites, (I’ve got my Leads leap widget at the bottom of this post)

5) In the Ad widget in The Real Tracker (a click tracking tool available to leads leap members).


Another reason to love Leads leap is the affiliate (referral) program that pays out 50% of commissions on Pro member upgrades. And it’s RECURRING commissions, which is what I’m all about. My monthly commission pays for my pro membership itself!



Pro Tips

Advertise your squeeze page.
DO NOT advertise someone else’s website as an affiliate.

Track your ads; you may use tracking links to track clicks, conversions & sales.


After signing up for your account, you’ll be able to create a widget and get the code to put on your website. (My widget is below this post).

Every impression and click you generate earns you credits which turns into advertising for you in the network. So, installing the widget is an important step because it’s what makes the system work.


Where to Sign Up


Here is my affiliate link to Join Leads Leap.


First, you sign up for a free account, then you’ll see an offer to upgrade to Pro at a discounted rate for the first 14 days after you sign up.

I highly recommend that you try out the Pro membership. It’s well worth it if you
a) use the ads/traffic to build your list,
b) refer others and earn commissions.


I hope this review helps a ton, and I hope to see you on the inside soon!


Ari Tumijo




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