The 4 'P's In Online Marketing -

The 4 ‘P’s In Online Marketing

The 4 ‘P’s In Online Marketing



For those of you taking or who have taken marketing classes, I am sure you are all very familiar with the 4 ‘P’s of marketing. They are Products, Place (Distribution), Promotion and Price.

When you are marketing your website, you need to be aware of this four ‘P’s. This four ‘P’s helps you market your site effectively, just like when you are opening a retail store.



What is your site’s product or service? Are you selling services, tangible goods or both? Are you giving out free service to turn your customers to buy your products? or vice versa. Are you giving both free service and products to drive visitors which will drive your advertising revenue?
Whatever you do, it is crucial to know your products so that you won’t forget why you do all the promotion.



This is the distribution channel of your products or services. If you are giving out free contents, make sure you distribute them well. If you merely post your content on your site, you are not using maximum distribution. Furthermore, if you are using unrelated forum or submission service to distribute your content, then you are wasting time.

For example, if you are distributing content about how to choose a credit card, you should be submitting your content to article submission service that specializes in finance first before distributing it elsewhere. This way, you will get a bunch of interested viewers instead of casual visitors.



One way I can think of is to pay a text-ad at another website to describe the superiority of your product or service. Promotion normally involves spending money. Again, you need to focus your promotion on your core target audience instead of BLINDLY spending money on general audience.

For free advertising, fully utilize social media marketing. Remember to brand yourself well via those main social media platforms  РFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and subsequently attract your target audience toward your personal/company brand. As usual, it is essential to own a blog or company website as it helps potray credibility and boost authencity.



This is the pricing strategy of your product or service. The pricing strategy is very dependent on the other P of online marketing. If you are establishing yourself as a high-end mortgage lenders from the way you describe, distribute and promote your products, then your price should reflect that.



In online marketing, the ‘place’ aspect costs little or no money.
This amazes me.

For example, to create awareness of your website, you can list it to hundreds to thousands of free web directories or share it on social media. For content distribution, you can sign up and submit your article for free at various article submission services.

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Ari Tumijo is a freelance digital marketer and affiliate marketer, and was previously a full-time Brand Consulting Practice Executive as well as Head of its Digital Strategies with Rayan Daniyal Consulting (RDC) brand practice. He possesses 5 years of digital marketing experience and this website is the result of his continuous seeking and sharing of knowledge. With RDC, he was responsible for developing the solutions for clients seeking to improve their digital presence and brand equity in the social media space. In addition to account servicing role, Ari was also involved in business development for Brand Capital, a subsidiary brand of RDC. He has a Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering and spent his early career years in F&B Management and Semi-conductor industry.


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