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Facts Tell But Stories Sell

Facts Tell But Stories Sell


We all want a piece of the pie. Why not, it’s large enough to spare a chunk to you right?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more than just a piece.
You’re an entrepreneur, you will want a LARGE piece.

I want to show you how, by simply adding a few testimonials here and there , you can dramatically increase your chances of making more sales online and offline.

We all want to believe that you have the best “gidget & widget” out there. We want to believe it because you said so. But, the harsh reality is, is that we simply can’t just take your word for it.

For instance, just for an example, let’s use “Company Logo Design”. Here is the difference between facts tell and stories sell.


Example #1 (Facts Only)

Company Logo Design – You will get

– 5 concepts to choose from
– Unlimited Revisions to 1 concept
– CD Included (All images print ready)
– Satisfaction Guaranteed!

– All of this for $199.00 CLICK HERE

Sounds like a good service for the buck,no?
Not bad.
Now let’s see the power of adding a STORY to these facts.


Ex #2 (Story + Facts)


“PERFECT, that’s the only word I can use when describing this companies logo design service. They not only saved me a lot of time but they also spent most of their time finding out what I wanted. In the end, they provided EXACTLY the type of logo I was looking for, thank you so much!!!!”

We are here to help you succeed and want to deliver something you’re looking for, not only what our designers want to create. Get a logo you are looking for with these extra features attached:

– 5 Concepts to choose from
– Unlimited Revisions to 1 concept
– CD Included

Click Here to order now!

Do you see the difference in the two?
In Example #1, I added all the features plus the price.
In the 2nd example, I DIDN’T even add the price. Even without the price, example #2 will bring in more sales than the example #1 ever will.





It’s all about “FEAR OF LOSS”.

Fear of loss is a powerful tool to use. Don’t tell people what they need. Have them fear the fact that if they don’t have it, nothing will work out for them.

A good industry to follow is in “Make-up” companies & Beauty Products. This industry has used “fear of loss” to its fullest. They consistently insert into young female minds that, if they don’t use their products, they will never be as beautiful as they hope to be.

Like I mentioned before, we all want to believe that you have the best product out there.
By simply inserting a testimonial, this will ultimately help your visitors to further believe that you do.


Promoting online?

When promoting online, here’s another given you should always consider:

People are simply sitting at a computer desk browsing through the internet. There’s no personal touch to searching for services. In your visitors’ minds, it’s only duty that it should be strictly informational.

Testimonials and utilizing that fear of loss, helps you to create a sub-conscious emotion that triggers an attachment to your companies services. If you’ve accomplished this correctly, your visitor could go looking at another company for the same services but, they will likely have problems concentrating on anything else.



Around 8/10 people go with a company from a gut feeling, not facts. This is a very high number to lose by simply failing to appeal to feelings instead of just facts.

I’ll put it to you another way.

When you look at a web design company. They may have the best price out there but, your main concern is to view their work. To see their portfolio in action. Adding testimonials to each web site in their portfolio would be a powerful venture for any web design company.

Why do we always want to see their work?
Fear of loss.



What would you feel like if you saw a portfolio that was full of sensory rich web sites that not only looked great but also functioned perfectly? Would you feel excited to talk to these people at that affordable price?

I know I would. On the other hand, yeah the price is right but the quality is poor. Most of us will simply move onto the next web design company.

The more you can grab someone’s attention and keep them interested online, the more they will learn to like you, trust you, and call you for your services, no matter the price.



Spice up your piece of the pie by spicing up some stories and grabbing people’s attention through fear of loss & success stories.


Ari Tumijo was a full-time Brand Consulting Practice Executive as well as Head of its Digital Strategies with Rayan Daniyal Consulting (RDC) brand practice. He possesses 10 years of digital marketing experience and this website is the result of his continuous seeking and sharing of knowledge. With RDC, he was responsible for developing the solutions for clients seeking to improve their digital presence and brand equity in the social media space. In addition to account servicing role, Ari was also involved in business development for Brand Capital, a subsidiary brand of RDC. He has a Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering and spent his early career years in F&B Management and Semi-conductor industry.


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