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5 Ways To Get Your Email List Begging For More

5 Ways To Get Your Email List Begging For More


Recently, a friend of mine did an experiment by subscribing to 10 different opt-in email marketing lists to analyze which ones are effective. Many websites and online businesses have resorted to sending promotional materials to those who have subscribed to them in an effort to boost their sales or traffic.

Opt-in email marketing sends newsletters, catalogs updates and many more promotional materials to website visitors who have agreed to be updated whether monthly, weekly or semi-annually.

Through email, the subscriber will receive updates through email. If a promotional material piques their interest, they will visit the site to learn more or to purchase outright.

For the website owners, this is a chance to remind their list of their existence and parlor their wares. With the numerous sites in the internet that offers the same products or services in one way or the other, the competition can get pretty tight and it is easy to be forgotten.


The Experiment

Back to my experimenting friend, he tried to discover which opt-in marketing strategies will entice a subscriber into begging for more. Some would send in very simple fashion, some would very outlandish while there are some that would just lie in between.

The differences could easily be noticed and some have gotten the idea of an effective opt-in marketing strategy. He dubbed them effective because he felt like he just couldn’t wait to go their site and learn more.

The more persuasive ones even got him halfway to reaching for his wallet and to his credit card before he realized this was only for an experiment.

Many companies and site present their promotional materials in a wide variety of concepts. Each has their own distinctive style and designs, but more than the outline and the presentation.The content and the articles are what keeps the attention of your potential customer locked on to your opt-in marketing medium.

Creativity is the key here.

From my interaction with many satisfied opt-in list subscribers and forums, I have discovered what is essential in opt-in marketing and what makes the subscribers begging for more instead of lining up to unsubscribe.


The 5 Ways Revealed


  • Keep your promotional materials light, creative and original. Many people are stressed out as it is. Getting a stuffy business proposal rather than a lighthearted email may just agitate them more.A warm friendly smile or banter is always more welcome than a serious business meeting or proposal. While you do want your customers to take you and your products and services seriously, you also want to show them that you know how to have fun.


  • Splash some color in your emails as well as provide some photos and articles that can be related to you but show good news or good lighthearted images as well. Provide a newsletter or promotional materials that will keep them in a light mood. Make your materials eye catching and grabbing that they wont be able to take their eyes of them.
    Pique their interests.


  • Create good content and article, even if it means investing in an experienced and professional copy writer to write them for you. An effective copy writer should be able to build trust between you and your customers.They should be able to establish your credibility in what they write. It must be informative but not too stuffy. Let go of the professional jargons and “talk”to your recipients. A good article and content should be able to outline the benefits of your product and services and why they need what you are offering.But do not look to be overeager and too persuasive. It should be able to entertain as well as lead them to buying from you.


  • Your promotional materials should be clear. Don’t leave people guessing. You should lead them to you and not vice versa. Explain to them what they need to do in a manner that won’t be confusing. Try to anticipate also what your target client needs. Do your research and information gathering, many sites will be able to help you with that.


  • Provide clear and crisp images of what you are offering. If the people know what you have for them, they are more likely to beg for more. For example, if you are selling a car, provide them photos but only enough to encourage them to go to your site for more.



So I have revealed to you the 5 ways to get your email list begging for more. Always remember these 5 important pointers to ensure you have an active and engaged email list for whatever business you are involved in or own. Keep your promotional materials light, pique their interests, serve good content, make your promotional materials clear and direct, and provide clear images of your offers.

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Ari Tumijo was a full-time Brand Consulting Practice Executive as well as Head of its Digital Strategies with Rayan Daniyal Consulting (RDC) brand practice. He possesses 10 years of digital marketing experience and this website is the result of his continuous seeking and sharing of knowledge. With RDC, he was responsible for developing the solutions for clients seeking to improve their digital presence and brand equity in the social media space. In addition to account servicing role, Ari was also involved in business development for Brand Capital, a subsidiary brand of RDC. He has a Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering and spent his early career years in F&B Management and Semi-conductor industry.


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