June 2, 2017

Recommended Digital Weapon

When it comes to making a first impression, you need to really STAND OUT.

That is where vCard Global comes in!
When you send an email, vCard is there to make sure your potential clients have everything they need about you and your company.

The vCard is free for a basic card that includes your name, address, and logo, contact details such as email and phone number with a headshot of you. However, if you want to really make an impression you can get the professional package that includes social media accounts, video, product or service you want to promote. Plus you can also add an event or other special photos that will attract potential clients to your business.

The price for the professional service offered by vCard is $99 a year. The vCard really does make you stand out of the crowd and allows you get noticed.

vCard does have an affiliate opportunity for you to make a bit of money promoting and selling the service. An affiliate can build their team down to five levels. To get started you do have to pay for the vCard service at $99 plus an extra $25 to become an affiliate. Once you are off and promoting vCard you gain different ranks depending on how many people you enrol.

vCard is a legit company that provides a very specific niche. The system and the vCards are becoming the newest trend to get your products and name out to the masses in a very professional way. In the old days, you would have all this information on a card and hand them out like candy.

Today, however, everything is going virtual and you will need to adjust to the times. Luckily that is where vCard can help. They add links and images to your business card. Now people who are interested in your services or products can just click the link and go straight to your site. vCard takes care of the smaller details so you can work on the bigger ones.

They offer excellent customer service through phone and email. They also offer a refund if you cancel your membership within 3 business days. While that isn’t a lot of time to try the product, it is enough time to get the card out there and see some results. Even if you sign up for the service and don’t get into the affiliate program, your business will gain popularity and possibly more sales.

Everything is going virtual, and if you can’t roll with the times, you will get left behind. One thing is for certain, with a vCard your business can be everywhere.